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Re: suggestion for setup.exe: on quiet mode start window minimized option

On 8/28/15, Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E] <> wrote:
> Roger Pack sent the following at Friday, August 28, 2015 1:29 PM
>>Today I wanted to script an unattended install of cygwin. It works well.
>>However, I also wanted to be able to do it without showing a window to
>>the user at all. Suggestion/feature request: for --quiet-mode start
>>minimized, or perhaps add a "--start-minimized" option. Cheers. -roger-
> How do you start setup?  Maybe one of the following will work for you.
> A Windows shortcut can be set up to start minimized.  My impression is
> that one can use and mechanism to launch a Windows shortcut and then
> Windows will follow the instructions ("Start in:", "Run:", etc.) in the
> shortcut.
> In cmd:
>     start /min
> From a command line (though not a bash shell when cygwin, bash, or maybe
> mintty are being updated):
>     cygstart --minimize
> or
>     cmd /c start /min

Thanks that did it!

For followers, I ended up using

start /min /wait setup-x86.exe -P ...

(since I wanted to wait for it to terminate before proceeding in my
batch script, like it does when run as straight setup-x86.exe).

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