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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: fish-2.2.0-3

> It seems that fish still has problems with my home directory that is on the
> network (roaming profile in Windows).  It takes ages to start up (does it
> try to enumerate all users perhaps?).  I've removed the ACL that seemed to
> trip it up, but no change with the startup time.

I've never used a roaming profile in Windows, so I haven't seen this problem and
don't know what would cause it.

>  Fish seems to have picked
> up my (large) tcsh history and produced about a hundred history files from
> that.  That will become another killer when I were to try and log in via VPN
> (reading one large file is a lot faster than reading many small ones).

100 history files?  Where?  I have only one history file,
~/.config/fish/fish_history.  It's about 234K.  I'm not sure if it has my old
bash history in it; it may.

> Last
> but not least, when it has finally started it constantly bickers about this;
> roughly six or seven times for each command issued:
> Unable to rename file from '/home/gratz/.config/fish/fishd.tmp.q4rCYs' to
> '/home/gratz/.config/fish/fishd.MYCOMPUTER.x86_64': Device or resource busy
> This is one of those network shares that can do hardlinks, but the link
> count is always 1 (due to a NetApp bug that makes inode numbers unstable). 

I've seen those errors before, but in my case instead of "Device or resource
busy" it was "Permission denied" because of an ACL problem.  Yeah, the amount of
noise there is so high as to make fish undesirable to use.

fish uses ~/.config/fish/fishd.MYCOMPUTER.x86_64 to store universal variables,
which are shared between instances of fish.  Apparently it rewrites that file

Do you see those messages when only one instance of fish is running?  Or only
when there's more than one?

> Is there anything I can do to resolve these issues?

For #2, maybe a solution would be to add a switch, say an environment variable,
that would tell fish not to split its history file.

For #1 and #3, it seems that these are caused by use of a network profile and I
don't know what the solution is.

My recommendation is to report these issues in the upstream issue queue, at  In my experience the fish
developers are quite responsive to issues posted there, and want to support
Windows.  I also watch that queue and will help as I can.

Good luck,

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