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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: fish-2.2.0-3

Andrew Schulman <schulman.andrew@...> writes:
> A new release of fish is available in the Cygwin distribution.  fish
2.2.0-3 is
> the first current release of fish 2.2 for Cygwin.  Version 2.2.0-1 and -2 were
> available as test releases.

I've tried this again since the previous version never really worked for me.

It seems that fish still has problems with my home directory that is on the
network (roaming profile in Windows).  It takes ages to start up (does it
try to enumerate all users perhaps?).  I've removed the ACL that seemed to
trip it up, but no change with the startup time.  Fish seems to have picked
up my (large) tcsh history and produced about a hundred history files from
that.  That will become another killer when I were to try and log in via VPN
(reading one large file is a lot faster than reading many small ones).  Last
but not least, when it has finally started it constantly bickers about this;
roughly six or seven times for each command issued:

Unable to rename file from '/home/gratz/.config/fish/fishd.tmp.q4rCYs' to
'/home/gratz/.config/fish/fishd.MYCOMPUTER.x86_64': Device or resource busy

This is one of those network shares that can do hardlinks, but the link
count is always 1 (due to a NetApp bug that makes inode numbers unstable). 
Is there anything I can do to resolve these issues?


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