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Re: Some programs (vi, ssh) crash when screen buffer height is big

Greetings, Sous Lesquels!

>> I'm not in the mood of retyping the POSIX standard for you.

> But you are obviously always in the mood to be unhelpful...

If you do not like the answer to your question, it doesn't make the answer
wrong, or unhelpful, or what-you-have-called-it.

>> I'm personally acquainted with the creator of ConEmu and he's not working for Microsoft.

> And this breaks without ConEmu.

That's because of how ConEmu is implemented - it is a wrapper for native
console, not a separate implementation of it.

> If you forget I said that I use ConEmu
> and run my example in a native Microsoft-made console, it will break.
> So please clarify to me how this has to do with ConEmu?

You don't understand, what you are asking for, that's what it have to do.

>> Yet again, Cygwin tools themselves and terminal you use them in is two perpendicular things.

> So are Cygwin tools and airplanes. Or Cygwin tools and stick figures.
> What's your point?

My point is the intersection. Cygwin tools do not intersect with airplanes or
stick figures.
Your examples are not valid.

>> You know, what I can say about it?
>> - Doctor, when I twist my finger this way, it hurts!
>> - Don't twist your finger this way.

> If you took a few minutes to think, you'd understand that in this case
> I have two choices - use mintty and have no breaks or use ConEmu and
> have breaks.

Since ConEmu is not a separate program, but merely a wrapper to native
console, you're not asking the right question.
Therefore, there's no right answer to give.

> The continuation of your imaginary dialogue above would be:

> - But doctor, it hurts any way I move my finger!

> What would the doctor say, stop using your finger?

It doesn't hurt when you don't twist it.

>> If, having better alternative, you still cling to the native console,
>> you're the sole responsibility of all that happens to you.

> So you decided by the powers vested in you that mintty is better than
> ConEmu? That's oustanding...

It isn't better or worse - it is DIFFERENT. Built for a different purpose with
different goals in mind.
However, if we narrow the selection choice to "works as Cygwin terminal",
ConEmu will have the same score as native windows terminal just by an
extension of being a wrapper for one, as it is viewed from Cygwin's side.

> I cannot find a single thing you contributed to this thread, except
> trying to point out how dumb I must be. This will be my last post to
> you, I fed the troll in you much more than I should have.

Now, dragging the topic into personal attacks would contribute even less.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Saturday, August 29, 2015 00:37:20

Sorry for my terrible english...

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