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Re: Some programs (vi, ssh) crash when screen buffer height is big

On 08/28/2015 09:23 AM, Sous Lesquels wrote:
Thanks Larry.

I think you're misunderstanding where the limitation is coming from.

I don't think I'm misunderstanding anything - I was actually thinking
along the same lines that you just wrote.

OK, good. We're on the same page then.  :-)

I feel that with increasing monitors sizes == increasing window sizes,
it might happen more often, as not all people use mintty. I can change
from ConEmu to mintty, but IMHO that's like saying I can use the
stairs instead of an elevator in Burj Khalifa. I don't and cannot
expect anything from Cygwin team, which is providing something I like
and use every day. If there are more important problems that mine
never comes to the top, then that's what it is.

Well, if there is a change in ConEmu and/or MS support here, then it
all comes for free. ;-)  As I said, I'm not saying that there's
absolutely nothing that could be done to address this in Cygwin but I'm
also not saying that there is.  It is clearly a limitation that currently
has no known work-around for the specific issue without avoiding the MS

I still hope someone will be able to check. It looks to me this might
be one of those "640k will be enough" problems, with some buffer with
fixed size that nobody anticipated will not be "big enough". Or it
might be something completely different. Even if it's just me that's
affected, I understandably would like that to stop happening. If it
does, I'd be so much happier. If it doesn't, tough luck. I've been
dealing with several dozen restarts each day for at least a year when
I first reported the problem, but I still like it and use it.

Yeah, I understand the frustration and it's certainly not wrong of
you to report the problem you're seeing.  And be assured that your
report isn't ignored.  But it is something that may be difficult to
address in Cygwin's console support so  it's hard to say there's going
to be a good solution coming from Cygwin itself soon, unless there's
some developer that wants to chase this in the near-term.

Saying "it's ms bug", "it's a design choice", "it's a bug, but we
don't have time / resources to fix it", "it happens so rarely, we
don't care", "it's going to be fixed in 2030", etc. is fine with me.
It might mean that I should not expect this to work any time soon or
ever, but it would be a honest answer and, if coming from someone on
the team itself, hopefully correct. Instead, a few different people
replied to me on this thread with "you misunderstanding, ignorant

I'm pretty sure that no-one actually meant to imply that you're an
"ignorant quack".  I can also say that Cygwin does support the MS
console to the extent that the MS console API allows.  That's not to
say there aren't bugs in that support or that any bugs aren't considered.
It seems you've found such a bug so I will thank you for reporting it.
And while I can't speak for any of the developers on this list, I only
wanted to impart that this issue is likely to be viewed as relatively
low priority, given the specifics of the issue and the alternatives.
You shouldn't interpret my response as one that indicates that the bug
won't be addressed or that your report isn't appreciated.  My only goal
was to try to give you the feedback you were looking for.  With some
luck, someone will find the solution to this problem even if they aren't
really looking for it and, you never know, that could happen real soon!
So I hope you find this feedback to be helpful in answering some of your



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