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Re: setup-x86_64.exe Unable to get setup.ini on all mirrors

Dennis Putnam 
Mon, 24 Aug 2015 07:41:00 -0400
> OK. I have no networking problems with anything other than cygwin which

Another idea:

You could download the packages needed for a basic install from any 
server, e.g.:

and save them under a new directory (not \cygwin!) while keeping the 
directory-structure intact. Then run setup and tell it to install from
that local directory. Surely not comfortable, but if you succeed 
you'll  have learned something about cygwin :)

I once did that on a PC without internet, but then I had my 
cygwin-download-directory from the other PC on USB.

Maybe the windows-ftp-tool can help you to download, I don't know.

> is why I was asking for someone to explain how it interfaces with the OS
> network. This all started with the Lavasoft malware and I believe that
> is the key to resolving this. Perhaps I'll go to one of the virus help
> sites and see what they can find.

You should do that.

> > You could open the taskmanager as admin and kill one obscure process
> > after another and try setup again.
> When I get a chance to reboot, I'll try it in safe mode with networking.

Maybe autoruns sheds some light?

Or msconfig?


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