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Re: X Windows disappearing/unmapping (Win10 + 3rd party virtual desktops)

On 18/08/2015 07:11, Greywolf wrote:
I have a workaround and I apologise for blaming it on cygwin.  I think
it's how the unmapping is handled by the desktop manager.

Thanks for reporting this issue.

It seems that a change in 1.17.2-1 had the unintended side-effect of breaking working with VirtuaWin and Dexpot (windows which were hidden when switching to another virtual desktop become lost)

While this can probably be worked-around in the virtual desktop software configuration, I'd like to try to fix it.

I've built a snapshot with a potential fix. Perhaps you could try that and see if it improves things for you?

On 15.08.17 02:07, Greywolf wrote:
     OS:    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
         setup 2.871
         X11 1.17.2 (x86_64-unknown-cygwin);
             package version    1.17.2-1 built 2015-07-09
         xterm 318-1
         3rd party virtual desktop managers - have tried with
         - dexpot 1.6
         - virtuawin 4.3


1.  I start mintty, which starts bash.
2.  I start an X server; DISPLAY=:0
3.  I start an xterm on the local host, to $DISPLAY.
4.  I switch to another desktop on the desktop manager.
5.  I return to that window, and the xterm window vanishes.
     - the processes bound to the window are still running,
       as is the xterm itself.
6.  I see no way to access or return the window to the desktop.
* even winlister no longer can access the window handle.

The window just hops off the deep end, never to be seen again,
but everything connected with that window remains present.

Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer

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