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A Perl script to visually show Cygwin setup dependencies

When you try to uninstall stuff from Cygwin, it might present you with
a list of other packages which claim to depend on what you're
uninstalling. If you're trying to uninstall a bunch of packages, it
can get pretty confusing as to what depends on what and where the
dependency chain actually starts.

This script reads such a list, and generates a graph that shows the
dependencies among the listed packages, which could help you decide
which ones you want to go back and add to the Uninstall list, and
which of the to-be-uninstalled stuff you want to keep after all.

It's a small (~50 line) Perl script, with most of the heavy-lifting
being done by the GraphViz program.

I don't know if something similar already exists, I didn't even
attempt to google for it since it seemed like an interesting thing to
write and my Perl was getting rusty. Hope someone here finds it

Note: This was written for and tested in Windows' Strawberry Perl, and
I haven't checked whether this works with Cygwin's Perl and GraphViz.
It probably does, but caveat emptor.


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