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Re: Somebody having access to a Windows machine with > 64 CPUs?

On Aug 10, 2015, at 10:00 AM, Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> for testing, I need somebody running a small test program on a machine
> with more than 64 CPUs under Windows 7 or later.

I donât think thatâs possible today.  Windows 7 Professional is limited to 2 physical processors and 256 cores, so the only way to get the result you want is a 2x33+ core system without Hyperthreading, or a 2x17+ core system with HT.


The lesser versions of Windows 7 also have 256-core limits, but only allow 1 physical processor, so youâd need a 65+ core processor without HT, or 33+ with HT.

According to Newegg, the biggest ones available today are 16-core, so you can just barely hit 64 on Win7 Pro with HT, today.

I think you need to wait another processor generation to break 64 logical cores under Windows 7.

The contemporaneous version of Server is, I believe 2008 R2, which has 4+ socket limits in all but the Foundation version, which would let you get to your 72 or 96 logical processor counts with todayâs processors.

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