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Re: xorg-server 1.17.2-1 and dexpot - X11 windows disappear

Finally got a little time to test this a little bit.  Unfortunately,
all I can really say is that Dexpot gets confused with X11 application
windows with xorg-server 1.17.2-1 but was completely fine/working with
xorg-server 1.17.1-5.

Here's what I did just now to test:
1) Opened up 3 xterms on Desktop 1 of dexpot
2) Created directories 'one', 'two' and 'three' in my home directory
and cd'ed each xterm into these dirs respectively (this ensured that
each xterm has a unique title)
3) Minimized xterm "three" to the status bar in Windows, leaving one
and two alone
4) Switched to desktop 2, waited 3 seconds, switched back to desktop 1
5) xterms "one" and "two" have disappeared.  xterm "three" is still in
the status bar and be restored and looks fine
6) ran a 'ps -ef' looking for 'xterm' - I can see all three.
7) dexpot has a 'Desktop Windows' dialog that will list all windows -
even hidden ones.  Only xterm "three" shows up in this list.
8) Right clicked on X in the task bar and de-selected "Hide Root
Window" - only xterm "three" shows up - neither of the other 2 do.

Any recommendations on how to test this issue further?

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 11:18 AM, Nem W Schlecht <> wrote:
> Just tried the new 1.17.2-1 xorg-server - server starts fine, can open
> windows, etc.
> I also use Dexpot ( as a virtual desktop manager.
> When I switch away from a desktop with X11 apps running in it and then
> switch back, all of my windows have disappeared and their icons are no
> longer in the taskbar.  If I open up a new window and check my
> processes, the apps are still running.
> I'll do some more debugging and report back, but I wanted to get an
> FYI out.  dexpot + Cygwin X11 has worked flawlessly in previous
> versions.
> --
> Nem W Schlecht         
> Empyreal Technologies
>  "Perl did the magic.  I just waved the wand."

Nem W Schlecht         
Empyreal Technologies
 "Perl did the magic.  I just waved the wand."

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