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Re: Updated: maxima-5.36.0-3

David Billinghurst writes:
> On 1/08/2015 7:33 AM, Achim Gratz wrote:
>> This is the third build of a new upstream release due to an updated
>> clisp executable.
> By default, maxima built with clisp installs and uses its own local
> copy of the clisp executable used to build maxima.  We did this to
> break the dependency on the installed version of clisp.   I know you
> elected not to this for the cygwin port, but it might be time to
> reconsider.

Thanks for the suggestion.  The clisp rebuild happened due to libsegv
finally becoming available and I don't expect a flurry of further clisp
rebuilds or updates, so I think we're still fine.  Once I get some more
kinks in the build system ironed out I might consider giving the user a
way to rebuild the memory image for maxima, which is the only thing that
really needed to be updated going from -2 to -3.

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