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Re: socat- fork process sometimes lingers

> socat-
> Cygwin 2.0.4(0.287/5/3)
> Windows 7 x64 SP1
> Since upgrading socat today I've noticed that when I CTRL+C to terminate 
> it sometimes the spawned process won't terminate. For example open two 
> Cygwin terminals and:
> In one:
> socat tcp-listen:8080,reuseaddr,fork -
> And then in the other:
> nc localhost 8080
> In the one where socat is running CTRL+C. It will appear to end but 
> sometimes the spawned process lingers. When that happens nc will not 
> terminate either and the connection still shows as established (even 
> though the parent process which supposedly held the connection has 
> ended). This is not exclusive to nc I have this same problem with the 
> client applications I am using to connect to socat. They think the 
> connection is still established so they won't end.
> It may take a couple of tries to reproduce. I can reproduce about 20% of 
> the time.
> I cannot reproduce using the socat.exe from socat-
> The cygcheck has too much personal information but I have attached the 
> package versions section.

Thanks for reporting.  I don't have any immediate insight into what's causing
this, or any time right now to try to reproduce or debug it.  I'll look at it as
soon as I can.

I've recently observed similar behavior in screen, so I suspect that it could be
a cygwin problem.  But I'll need some time to run that down.


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