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RE: Uses of Cygwin

> 1) does it support ruby,python,c++,c, java?
Yes, you just need to select the package you'd like in addition to the basic
installation.  This process is easy and there is a search field that will
assist in locating the package you desire.

> 2) What type of shell does it support? (sh,ksh),what can it emulate?
Both Bash and Korn shells are supported in addition to several other shell

> 3) Is it possible for cygwin to start in a certain folder, akin to when I
drop cmd.exe on a certain folder, or name powershell to start in a certain
folder it will open up, i need to navigate to directory fast
Cygwin is designed to emulate a Posix compliant (Linux like) environment on
a Windows OS machine.  By default your command line sessions will start in
your home directory, however if you have other areas where you commonly
work, set a symlink to that area and use the link for fast and easy
directory changes.
Since this is a Posix environment, using the '\' character, instead of the
'/' character, character in path names will usually fail.  There is a
special command "cygpath" that will allow you to easily convert from one
path to the equivalent posix path [i.e. cd "$(cygpath "C:\some\directory")"
will convert to the equivalent posix path].  You can reach any Windoze
folder in this manner.

> 4) What are the alternatives to cygwin, what are the advantage and
disadvantage of cgywin?
Yes, but few are free or as well maintained (a great tribute to the Cygwin
> 5) What are the most common uses of cgywin?
You can use Cygwin for almost anything you would use any Linux or Unix
environment for.  I often test scripts or programs in Cygwin.  There are a
few exceptions but they are generally speaking rare (named pipes have
historically had issues).  Cygwin may have a few differences which are
forced on them by the actual Windoze OS, but again these are uncommon.

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