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Re: Uses of Cygwin

I will take a stab at these questions. My answers may not be complete or best.

On 24 June 2015 at 07:01, Alvin Oo <> wrote:
> 1) does it support ruby,python,c++,c, java?

The cygwin environment supports ruby, python, c++ and c. I don't know
about java.

> 2) What type of shell does it support? (sh,ksh),what can it emulate?

dash, bash, ksh all seem available.

> 3) Is it possible for cygwin to start in a certain folder, akin to when I
> drop cmd.exe on a certain folder, or name powershell to start in a certain
> folder it will open up, i need to navigate to directory fast

There are multiple ways of accomplishing something like that. The
default is to start in a home directory but one could script a
different home directory depending on 'shortcut'.

> 4) What are the alternatives to cygwin, what are the advantage and
> disadvantage of cgywin?

I would expect the most common alternative would be to use Linux or
BSD in a VM. The second alternative would be to use a Windows

> 5) What are the most common uses of cgywin?

Good question that I have no answer too. [I know that I use it for a
Unix environment in a Windows system.. however there are many other
uses I have read like using it to have opensource programs
consistently compiled on a windows system etc. I don't know which ones
are common]

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Stephen J Smoogen.

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