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Re: More details about the tmux 2.0 regression

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
> > One question though, would it be possible to return executable name
> > instead of <defunct> for non-Cygwin processes?
> That should work, it just needs implementing.
> However, I'm just mulling over another idea.  It's probably even
> possible to return the comand line and cwd, as long as the calling
> process (cat) has permission to open a handle to the requested process.
> I'll toy around with this a bit...

Does that mean that top would finally be able to show Windows processes as well?

On another front, I've recently uÃstreamed a patch for a Perl distribution
to use /proc/pid/statm because ps from Cygwin doesn't implement a switch to
show the vmsize information.  The maintainer of said distribution said he
was expecting a BSD ps before anything else and didn't like the Linux /proc
interface a lot, but it seems we might want to move to a more modern ps
implementation (Linux ps uses /proc under the hood, AFAIK) when the
underlying functionality in Cygwin has that covered.


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