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Re: bind mounts in fstab

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:

> > //server/some/directory /mnt/server-share none binary 0 0
> > #bind mounts
> > /mnt/server-share/some/other/directory /mnt/task1 none binary,bind
> > 
> > That works well until I try to add another such bind mount and activate it
> > via 'mount -a' without starting a new Cygwin session.  Cygwin tries to
> > create a mount to the underlying local directory of /mnt/task1 instead of
> > binding, which doesn't work of course.
> How does your second bind mount look like?

# new bind mount
/mnt/server-share/some/other/directory /mnt/task2 none binary,bind

Which tries to mount to 


when I do a 'mount -a' in the same session.  If I instead put in

//server/some/directory/some/other/directory none binary 0 0

then everything works OK, AFAICS.  This might be related to the fact that
some bind mounts appear before the physical mounts in the mount table (not
in fstab!), at least if the mounts are processed in the same order.


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