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Re: gcc-4.9.2 crashes Xt and gcc-4.8.4 ada build problems

On Sun, 2015-06-07 at 14:58 -0700, Emil Lambrache wrote:
> After I have allowed the setup to update my cygwin tree, I discovered to 
> my dismay
> that the latest gcc 4.9.2 has dropped support for varargs.h.

> With that all my Xt-X11 based cygwin apps were broken as well:
> spice3, ngspice-26, xgraph, but moreover even tcl-tk-8.5 based apps were 
> broken.
> Motif headers were broken as well, because Motif is built on top of Xt-X11.

Incorrect.  The Tcl/Tk, Xt, and Motif headers all use <stdarg.h>, and in
fact I just updated Tcl/Tk a few weeks ago with GCC 4.9.

> I suppose eventually XtVaGetValues and XtVaSetValues will be removed 
> from the
> X11 distribution and all the Xt-based software out there will be 
> re-written, but in the meantime
> I still need a compatible gcc version.

Incorrect.  The versions of gcc currently in the distribution work just

> Since the cygwin setup.exe does not allow me to downgrade my gcc from 
> 4.9.2 back to 4.8.3,
> I have downloaded the gcc-4.8.4 sources and tried to build it locally.
> I found more bugs with the gcc-4.8.4 build:

Our gcc builds already include patches for these and many other issues.
We do not recommend attempting to build gcc without our patchset.

> I have cygwin version 1.7.17-1

Your system is at least two years out of date.  Note that only the
latest builds on are supported.  If you are having issues
compiling something, please update ALL packages on your system and try
again.  If you still have issues with varargs.h usage, it is the code
that needs to be fixed, not the compiler.


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