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New cygwin X behavior

[Previously posted on cygwin-xfree -- I didn't realize it had merged
in to cygwin.  I recalled that in the past we were encouraged *not*
to post about X to cygwin ...]

Dear Jon (et al.) -- I just updated to the latest XWin and got some
different behaviors:

- In my .XWinrc file I was using MINIMIZE in the STYLES.  This now seems
  to permanently iconize a window.  If I click on the icon, it briefly
  flashes large and then iconizes again.

- When using -geometry (with xemacs in particular), the height of the
  screen seems different, and if I change the geometry height by 1, the
  height of the window does not change by 1 -- it either doesn't change,
  or changes by more than one.

My workaround for the MINIMIZE thing was to use -iconic on the particular
windows instead -- it does what I want anyway.  But I thought you'd want
to know about MINIMIZE being weird.  Not sure what happened with the height
thing ...

However (and contrary to what I posted on cygwin-xfree): -iconic does not
work for xemacs.  It simply seems to have no effect, and neither could I
find a -xrm setting that had any effect (though I have to admit that
figuring about the right resource name is often a challenge, at least
for me).

Regards -- Eliot Moss

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