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Re: mintty project

Am 01.06.2015 um 18:33 schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
On Jun  1 18:14, Achim Gratz wrote:
Thomas Wolff writes:
I'd like to discuss what you (cygwin maintainers and others) think of
this move, whether it's good for mintty to be hosted on github.
And that question of yours is moot since mintty already is on GitHub, in
26 different forks.  Most of them are "Automatically exported from
Google Code." and some not even fully up-to-date.
After some browsing, I've learned that github encourages people to make private forks, as a playground or whatever. That may be fine but doesn't really count as an argument for an "official" hosting platform.
Then closest to Cygwin is the one from cygwinports (Yaakov).
That should probably be the version going ahead with...
That fork does not include the issue list (which could probably be added); also github/cygwinports is a github "user account" which, according to gives limited flexibility of assigning access rights. I guess as a package maintainer, admin rights of the official repository would be useful, which is an option with a github "organisation account".
So I see 3 options:
â Yaakov could turn github/cygwinports into an "organisation account" and give me admin rights for the mintty repository.
â I could create a dedicated account and repository.
â I could host mintty somewhere else.

Eric Blake wrote:
I personally avoid github; it encourages the use of proprietary code ...
My concerns against github are different; I have a strong impression that it encourages anarchic project handling, and I feel the concept of everybody being allowed to create forks and submit "pull requests" may not be good for a core project.


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