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Re: XWin -silent-dup-error does not work anymore

On 30/04/2015 18:19, Cees Dam wrote:
I work as system administrator at the Rotterdam Port Authority. One of the main systems is a huge Vessel Traffic System build of more then 100 Suse Linux
Systems. About half of the processors is used to display the harbour of Rotterdam with al the vessels (retrieved from 41 RADAR stations) and AIS.
All the network traffic within this system is based on multicasting.

However, on a few locations like the office of the Pilots, firewalls prevent the multicasting traffic. So I installed a couple of Win 7 systems at there office with Cygwin. With X over ssh I deliver them the same display (application) as on the Traffic centers. Cygwin is installed with only xinit and openssh.

These people are not familiar with computers so I gave them one link on there desktop starting XWin and the ssh connection (mintty -e etc). If they want to start the session again (because they were unaware of the fact a session was already running) I don't like popups and warnings. They should click the X icon on the taskbar to bring the application back up on there desktop.

In 2014 I build a Cygwin 64 bit version (one of the first 64-bit releases) and this problem did not occur.

So it's important for a friendly way of use for people who don't have any kwowledge of computers.

I hope you can solve the problem.

I uploaded X server 1.17.1-5 packages today.

With those, -silent-dup-error should be working again.

Thanks again for reporting this issue.

Van: Jon TURNEY []
Verzonden: donderdag 30 april 2015 13:10
Aan: Cees Dam;
Onderwerp: Re: XWin -silent-dup-error does not work anymore

On 25/04/2015 09:32, Cees Dam wrote:
If Xwin.exe is started with -silent-dup-error flag and a second
instance of Xwin.exe is also started with the -silent-dup-error flag a
pop-up notification shows up with fatal errors. The output in the
terminal (with -silent-dup-error flag) is the same as shown below with the -v flag.

Thanks for reporting this.

It seems that this has been broken for almost 2 years, so perhaps this option is not often used :D

I'd be interested to hear what your use case is for it?

I'll have a go at fixing it, but it seems there is an interaction now with the '-nolisten tcp' default which makes this not quite straightforward.

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