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Re: cygwin on W7: stalled scp (openssh-6.8p1), lost ssh-scp-pipe data

On Jun  1 20:53, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jun  1 17:03, wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> > 
> > unfortunately, my issue seems to be not interesting enough to trigger someones attention... ;)
> > 
> > Was my issue well described or do you have further questions? I'd
> > appreciate any help leading me forward, e.g. maybe some hints in howto
> > instrument cygwin sources to be able to further trace the data through
> > and debug into the cygwins write / read functions...
> I have no good idea how to debug this further, other than running under
> strace (which takes a lot of patience), but I tried to do the same with
> the stock scp 6.8 on Cygwin 2.0.2 x86_, basically a loop:

>   while true
>   do
>     scp -C my_linux_box:TEST.txt . && diff TEST.orig TEST.txt || break
>   done
> The TEST.orig/TEST.txt file was generated as described in your OP.  The
> loop is running now for a couple of hours without fail.
> Any chance this is BLODA-induced?


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