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Re: mintty project

2015-06-01 10:36 GMT+02:00 Corinna Vinschen:
> On May 31 23:15, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>> As a contributor to mintty, some sent me a notice discussing the move to
>> github (
>> and now there is already a github fork of mintty
>> (

I see that "nowox" only imported the repo from Google Code very
recently, most likely by simply pressing the "Export to GitHub" button
on Google Code. And didn't make much "real changes" to his repo so

>> I'd like to discuss what you (cygwin maintainers and others) think of this
>> move, whether it's good for mintty to be hosted on github. Personally I feel
>> that a platform like sourceforge provides a more professional project
>> environment which would provide more confidence in stable project
>> development.
>> What do you think?

I agree with Tony. Although I am still using the SF alias as one of my
email addresses I think at this moment GitHub has the most active
community. If you want to have a greater change on others contributing
I would really go for GitHub. Seen it happen so many times already,
move a project to GH and the PRs start coming.

> It's not so much the hosting service providing the upstream repository
> which concerns me, it's the lack of development, the lack of a responsive
> maintainer, and the lack of a new, stable mintty package.  You're in for
> one of the newly created pink plush hippos if you're going to take over
> mintty maintainership ;)
> Having said that, github is ok.

Would it be useful for cygwin to have its own place on GitHub? This
could be the place to host the mintty sources and maybe other things
as well.

There is a user named "cygwin" on github, but it appear very inactive.
GitHub has a policy for that:

So if interested, maybe Corinna or Yaakov (being our project leaders)
could ask GitHub to hand that account to them. And after that turn it
into an organization where projects like this can be hosted. This way
the project doesn't depend on one person to have full access when
needed to these kind of repos.
Just an idea.


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