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Re: Strange SSH behaviour after updating to Cygwin 2.0.1

Stephen John Smoogen writes:
> I have replicated this using Cygwin ssh to a Linux server. However I
> also replicated it using Linux -> Linux

That I already knew, and it's indeed fixed by making tcsh your default
shell over on Cygwin.  I can't do that in the case I mentioned since I
still haven't been able to convince our AD administrators to fill the
respective fields.

> So it might be a 'works as it is supposed to now' even if it is not
> the same behaviour as before. Doing a bunch of google hunting.. pretty
> much all the places it comes up with are "set your shell to tcsh by
> default so the tty is setup by login" or "use bash then go into tcsh".

The interesting part is why it seems to depend on the client while
accessing the same server, all on the same version of Cygwin (login
isn't involved anyway).  Cygwin clearly has the /dev/tty file present,
but for some reason it's not accessible in any way when that happens.

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