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Re: Trouble with Git 2.1.x pushing to repos over Samba

Hi Corinna,

> From: "Corinna Vinschen" <>
>> [...]
>> #: john@johndesktop:/cygdrive/l ; ls -ld .git/objects/
>> drwxr-xr-x 1 john Unix_Group+1000 0 Nov 13 14:13 .git/objects/
>> (albeit, Corinna, with my group issue still not yet resolved)
> You tried the /etc/group tweak as I suggested in my latest mail in that
> thread, I take it?

Yes, I've tried a few different approaches, without luck thus far.  However, since 
when we started that thread, I already had the group part looking right, and it was only the 
user that was wrong, I figured I should keep trying harder before seeking more help
with the group.
>> access(/cygdrive/l/.git, R_OK) returned 0
>> access(/cygdrive/l/.git, W_OK) returned 0
>> access(/cygdrive/l/.git, X_OK) returned -1
>> The last test is the one run by git, that makes it reject my /cygdrive/l/.git
>> directory.
>> Not sure if that's relevant, but just in case.
> Thanks for the info.  I found a really dumb bug in my code. 

Thank you for fixing this bug.

In truth - I don't really care much which user/group cygwin reports for my samba
shares - the real issue I've been annoyed by for months (since installing 1.7.34 
the day after it was released, totally ignorant of the major changes it contained...)
was this one with some git shares mounted on samba.  However, since it looked like a 
permissions problem and no one else seemed troubled by it, I figured it best to get my 
house in order with the new permissions setup before seeking help with this issue.  
Having at least got the user looking right (which I assumed git would be using), 
it was time to dig into git.

> P.S.: As a side-note: While this patch (hopefully) reverts this code to
>      work as pre-1.7.34, it seems that the internal Windows access
>      check function is not quite up to the task for Samba shares in
>      scenarios as John's one.  It will always report back the access of
>      the "others" part of POSIX permission bits.  Only with the new
>      mapping of S-1-22-x-y SIDs to real WIndows accounts, or with
>      winbindd-supported mapping, the Windows access check will really
>      work as desired.

That's unfortunate - though now at least (since my "others" has execute permissions),
git is working again for me.  I'll keep digging at my "group" issue as a 
back project.

Thanks heaps for your speedy fix - have a great and well-earned break!


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