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[64bit] cygwin-devel headers broken

There is a crash issue induced on cygwin-64 (not on -32) after
compilation with cygwin-devel 2.0.0 include files. I am recompiling my
editor mined and it crashes, maybe immediately or after typing
non-trivial input (like function keys, waiting for input with select()).
It does not occur after recompiling only certain source files, but it
happens after recompiling only io.c which makes heavy use of terminal
I/O like read(), select(), ioctl().

Reverting the cygwin-devel package to 1.7 (and leaving everything else
up-to-date) solves the issue.
Selective copying of files from the cygwin-devel 2.0 package further
/lib: all from 2.0: no problem.
/usr/include/sys: all from 2.0 except the following: no problem.
But if signal.h, stat.h, time.h, types.h, and associated dependencies
are used, the compiled program crashes.
I can try to narrow down the issue further but maybe this is a clue already?


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