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Re: Terminal window hostname always showing

Ah, thanks I had no idea that -nohostintitle existed.  I did a lot of
searching online first before submitting the question so I should have
stumbled across that at some point.  As soon as I get back to that
machine I'll add the option.

I also appreciate the heuristic tweak.  A couple other machines will
benefit from it especially where the windows are very narrow.

On 2015-04-30 03:58, Jon TURNEY wrote:
> On 25/04/2015 09:23, AC wrote:
>> Is it possible to turn off the automatic hostname that the window
>> manager is adding to terminal windows?
> Yes, use the X server option -nohostintitle.
> Almost. When -hostintitle is enabled, the WM adds the contents of
> WM_CLIENT_MACHINE to the window title, unless it already seems to be there.
> I've tried to tweak this heuristic a bit in X server 1.17.1-3 so that
> if WM_CLIENT_MACHINE contains something that looks like a FQDN, it only
> looks for the hostname part, not the whole thing.

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