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Trouble with Git 2.1.x pushing to repos over Samba

I've been setting up bare repos on a Samba server and then using their
paths like so:
E.g. git remote add origin //host/path/to/repo.git

And happily pushing my updates to those repos until yesterday.

Last night I did an update to Cygwin that brought me to the 2.0.0
version of x86 Cygwin and that update included git 2.1.4.

After that update I created a bare repo and pushed to it for the first
time, and that failed with

$ git push origin master
fatal: '//host/path/to/repo.git/' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

I created a useful but minor change in a different 'sandbox' with a
remote on the same host, and pushing the update failed the same way.

I switched over to my laptop, which is still running a 1.7.x GIT under
Cygwin and it was able to push to the existing repository.

Can anyone advise?

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