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Re: bug: cygwin 2.0 doesn't work at all

Leonid Mironov writes:
> Upgrading cygwin package to 2.0 broke [almost] all programs using
> cygwin1.dll e.g. bash, they exit immediately after they've been
> started with the exit code 0xc0000005 and no screen messages or
> messages in windows logs.

That particular exit code is "Access is Denied" if I'm not mistaken, so
you might want to check the access rights in the Cygwin tree for

> The remainder of the setup fails too because
> cygwin programs invoked by the setup e.g. dash from autorebase start
> failing with the same symptoms. Rolling cygwin package back to 1.7.35
> resolved this issue. Windows 7 professional 32-bit, cygcheck output
> follows

Are you sure you didn't accidentally update while some Cygwin processes
were still running, still using the old Cygwin DLL?

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