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Re: Xorg server 1.7.1 spontaneously exiting with clipboard message

Just to try to close this:

I have not seen my X server exit with a Clipboard Error in at least a
couple of weeks.  I can't say what was causing the problem.  My
working theory was that somehow TeamViewer (remote control software)
was causing the problem.  However, I have been doing extensive remote
access the last week and have not had a single X server crash!

I did make a few changes after the crashes became more frequent:

1.  I had originally some problems with ~/.startxwinrc, and had copied
the default from \etc\X11\xinit\startxwinrc in order to keep the extra
window from popping up when X server was started.  I have since been
able to reduce ~/.startxwinrc to simply:

    sleep infinity

For some reason, at home I additionally have to explicitly call "xrdb"
in my ~/.startxwinrc, but not at work.  I do not know why, or what's

2.  I have been using the 2.x beta releases of the Cygwin library.  In
the process, I have removed my local /etc/passwd and /etc/groups
files, letting Cygwin get the info from Windows directly.

I can't say whether either of these two actions has stopped the
crashes.  But they have stopped.

Jim Reisert AD1C, <>,

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