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Re: Permissionproblem on CIFS share.

On 2015-04-27 15:25, BjÃrn Kautler wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a permissionproblem on a CIFS share.
> The line in fstab reads "//    /mnt/git
>  cifs    binary,posix=0,user,noacl"
> I then try to push some Git changes, but it does only work by
> repeating the push multiple times.
> Following you see the execution history, I did not change anything in
> between, I just retried the push until it was finally through and all
> changes are there in the end. My workaround is to do "watch -n 1 'git
> push 2>&1'" and waiting for it to finish successfully, but this only
> works for small repos. For bigger repos this needs ages.
> Has anyone any idea what is the cause and how to resolve it?
> As a sidenote, the same worked fine when the CIFS share was from a
> NetApp Linux server.
> But then it died and now it is a CIFS share on a Windows server.
> Before it worked fine, now I see this strange behaviour.
> I hope someone has a good idea.

Please try:
git config --global core.createobject rename


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