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Re: Re: Problem using svn 1.8.13 accessing UNC network pathes under cygwin 1.7.35-1

Dear David, dear Corinna,
thanks for your fast response and the workaround, David.

I know the possibility to mount network paths via /etc/fstab.
Pityingly, this is not a good alternative for me because I am in a productive
environment and use a series of existing links in a series of orgmode files (for
emacs). Changing the links would mean to change existing logs. Up to now I use
symbolic links as a workaround. This works from the command line but not from
within emacs since emacs vc-mode resolves the links before it uses them.

Could it be that the problem is related to the following one:

If this is the case I assume that the problem has little to do with svn itself
but with the cygwin-dll and should be fixed by Corinna. But, that is just my
humble guess.

Note, that I tried to give the link already in the previous mail but everything
I wrote was rejected by the mail server because of an exceeded spam-level. I
tried to keep the spam level low in avoiding the verbatim link.
I finally succeeded in subscribing to the mailing list. So, I am trying again...

Best regards,
Tobias Zawada

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