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*** fatal error in forked process

I try to compile and run WebKit with Cygwin64. I did get the WebKit package to compile and I now have a cygWebKit-0.dll, a WebProcess.exe and my WebLauncher application in my home directory.

In Linux I can start this WebLauncher program which pulls in the library. This library again uses g_spawn_async() to load the WebProcess program as a separate process.Then the WebKit library shall do calls to the WebProcess program which are thus non-blocking.

With Cygwin I run "startx ./WebKitBuild/Release/bin/WebLauncher.exe" which loads the cygWebKit-0.dll and then tries to execute g_spawn_async() to load WebProcess.exe.

WebLauncher.exe starts to show the GUI and then terminates with the following error, however:

*** fatal error in forked process - fork: can't reserve memory for parent stack 0x30000 - 0xFFA00000, (child has 0x30000 - 0x230000), Win32 error 487

I did a rebaseall from the command line and the new base is then set to 5xxx0000. But the above message remains. What can I do to avoid the error? I also tried the -b option but that did not seem to work. But I think the base of 5xxx0000 should be high enough to avoid a conflict.

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