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Re: File owner set to Unknown+User on cygwin 1.7.35 via samba 3.6.6 on debian

On Apr 24 11:24, John Orr wrote:
> Any other suggestions on how to get Samba to return S-1-22-1-1000?

Not from me, no.  I don't know why this happens on your machine.  My
samba is connected with my AD and I'm accessing it with my AD account.
/etc/samba/smbusers contains

corinna = VINSCHEN\corinna

But still, the SIDs I get returned for my Linux uid is one of the
S-1-22-1-X type.  I don't know Samba good enough to explain the
difference, sorry.

> > Or, in Cygwin, you just keep a passwd file
> > with two entries around.  These entries should be equivalent to the
> > output of `getent passwd $USER', so just copy/paste it twice.  Then
> > tweak the SID of the second entry to match the above SID.  The end result
> > should be:
> > 
> >  john:*:197608:197121:U-JOHNDESKTOP\john,S-1-5-21-775725812-2182925691-3402384268-1000:/home/john:/bin/bash
> >  john:*:197608:197121:U-JOHNWL\john,S-1-5-21-2908258922-1501660359-1356206134-1000:/home/john:/bin/bash
> Yep, that may indeed be the best option, with an entry for each samba server I connect to,
> though I can't help feeling that the S-1-22-1-1000 option is the cleaner one...
> Anyway, doing the above to the passwd file does work
> #: john@johndesktop:~ ; ls -l /cygdrive/l/.bashrc
> -rw-r--r-- 1 john Unix_Group+1000 3833 Aug 22  2013 /cygdrive/l/.bashrc
> Now I just need to get the group right.  The ntsec help says to just set the comment on
> the Users group to <cygwin unix="1000"/> (and restart all cygwin processes). I did this, 
> but it didn't seem to help - maybe because 'id' says my group is None, or because 
> net localgroup Users 
> doesn't mention me?

You would have to do that for None, which is tricky given the restrictions
in the Windows UI.  Alternatively, try to set your primary group to Users
in /etc/passwd by setting it to 545.

Or, try the same trick as for your user account with the None group in


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