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Re: Does sftp file system work in Cygwin?

* Woody Setzer (Thu, 23 Apr 2015 18:28:36 -0400)
> I am running Mate under Cygwin on a Windows 7 Professional system,
> and
> want to connect to a Linux server running on our local network.
> Ultimately, I will be connecting through my Agency's VPN, which is so
> slow as to render using X over that conduit useless. So, I want to
> access my files on the Linux computer's filesystem via sftp. I can get
> files from the Cygwin command line from that server using sftp, and
> can login via ssh. I have the gvfs package installed under Cygwin. The
> Cygwin installation on my Windows machine was updated 23 April 2015.
> I have tried two approaches to setting up an sftp based file system on
> Cygwin. The first was to run Mate on the Windows box, and use the
> "Connect to Server" dialog, specifying SSH for the file system. that
> results in the error "Unable to spawn SSH program". The second was to
> use gvfs-mount from the command line, which results in a similar
> error:
> $ gvfs-mount s
> Error mounting location: Unable to spawn SSH program
> Should this work in Cygwin? Is there some configuration I need to attend to?
> I spent the afternoon with Google search, and have found very little about this.

User-space file systems (mostly fuse based in Linux to my knowledge) 
are not going to work in Cygwin. This means you can mount a Cygwin 
SFTP server resource on Linux but not vice versa.


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