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Re: Parallels keyboard mapping not auto-detected in Cygwin/X

On 21/04/2015 10:10, Kai-Mikael JÃÃ-Aro wrote:
I am running Cygwin/X 1.17 in Windows 7 in Parallels 10.2 in OS X 10.10, and do not automatically get the right keyboard mapping.  I get this in /var/log/xwin/XWin.0.log:

[  1448.048] (--) Windows keyboard layout: "A000041D" (a000041d) "Swedish (Apple) - Parallels", type 34668816
[  1448.048] (EE) Keyboardlayout "Swedish (Apple) - Parallels" (A000041D) is unknown, using X server default layout

The layout should be standard Swedish keyboard.

Thanks for reporting this.

I don't know if this layout identifier is only used by Parallels, or if you could also get it reported when using the BootCamp drivers with Windows?

I've added some code which should hopefully handle Apple keyboards for all known layouts.

I'm not 100% sure I've got this right, and I don't have any real way to test this, so I've built a snapshot [1], and I'd be obliged if you could test this.

I'm also not sure if using the standard pc105 layout is correct. xkeyboard-config has specialized macintosh and macbook79 layouts, which seem to differ in the location of the 3rd-level shift key (what would be AltGr on a PC keyboard), so I'm not sure which of those to use. Can you verify that is also working as expected?


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