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Re: Deleting files with open handles on subst'd drives

On Apr 23 01:44, David Macek wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> Some time ago, I encountered a problem in a script when run on Cygwin/MSYS2. To add some drama, I'll mention that the problem caused some data loss (nothing important though). The problem is that some operations on open files seem to fail on subst'd drives (but not on regular ones).
> To reproduce the problem, choose some writable directory and run:
> $ subst X: C:/somesubdir
> $ cd /cygdrive/x/
> $ touch foo
> $ { rm foo; touch foo; } <foo
> touch: cannot touch 'foo': Permission denied
> (Do not subst to just C:/, because that somehow doesn't lead to the error.)
> There's also a C program that does essentially the same thing: <>
> I compared this with the same operations running on a regular drive,
> but I couldn't find any difference in how `rm` deletes the file nor in
> how `touch` creates the file. Just the result of the last NtCreateFile

It's a result of how Cygwin tries to workaround the weird Windows
behaviour that a deleted, but still opened file is not invisible in the
filesystem, as desired per POSIX.  Cygwin then tries to move the
file out of the way, on local drives into the recycler.  This fails
on a subst drive pointing to some subdir apparently, so Cygwin just
falls back to what Windows does.

I have no simple workaround for that.  In theory there should be a
way to check the drive for being a virtual drive and then using the
recycler of the drive it's pointing to for the aforementioned operation.


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