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Corinna Vinschen writes:
> It's not about rsync exactly.

Well, rsync creates that mess somehow.

> The problem is that I'm missing the
> context a bit.  I take it the permissions are supposed to be inherited
> from the ".." dir, basically.  The ".." dir has been created by
> non-Cygwin means, right?

Yes, it's the top-level directory of an external disk attached to USB.

> The "." dir has been created by Cygwin already
> it seems, but what permissions were desired?  Does it match the
> expectations or not?

All directories from here on down have been created by Cygwin / rsync,
and "." is the target directory of the rsync.

> The "dir1" and "dir2" directories both have been created by Cygwin,
> but they are somehow totally wrong.  I don't see how this could occur,
> even in case the ACL sorting fails at creation time.

The problem seems to be that without the --acl flag to rsync, it tries
to chmod the files it copies to the permissions it gets from the source
file (which would be ---rwx---+).

> Btw., the getfacl output of dir1 and dir2 don't seem to match the
> icacls output.  The groups are different.

Yes, that's likely a fallout from rsync trying to recreate the mode bits
for a different file owner and group.  On the source tree the file owner
(a domain user) doesn't have any rights, access is granted by one of the
share groups (seperately for read-only and modify access) and the filer
admin group (modify access plus a few more permissions).  None of the
share groups have permission to modify the DACL and everything gets
inherited from the root node of the share (it's a NetApp, but I don't
think that factors into that problem other than being the standard setup
on these files apparently).

> I wonder if I can create a similar scenario.  Reproducing might be
> tricky :(

Let me know if you need more information.

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