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Re: tar zxvf won't work with Redhat generated compressed tar file

On 04/20/2015 05:06 PM, Murthy Gandikota wrote:
> ----------------------------------------
>> From: murthy64 AT
>> To: eblake AT; cygwin AT

No need to CC me - I read the list.  Also, no need to include raw emails
in your reply (we not only ask that you avoid top-posts, but also that
you trim to relevent content).

>> Yes, Sir. It did untar properly. So the problem is with the server compressing during the download (I get the file from a http server)?

You may want to report that to the owner of the website you were
downloading from.

> It would be doubly nice if cygwin handled it ;-)

I'm not going to add a cygwin-specific patch; you'd get the same
behavior on Linux.  If you want to convince upstream to do double
uncompression in a single process, then it will eventually percolate
downstream; but I don't think anyone will want to take on a patch like that.

> It seems gunzip had no problem recognizing the file as double compressed.

No. Your manual gunzip removed one layer of compression, then your tar
command (with or without the 'z') ran a second gunzip to remove the
second layer of compression.  There was no single process doing double

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