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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [Test] maxima-5.36.0-1

David Billinghurst writes:
> xmaxima error.  I may just be missing a dependency (some fonts?)
>    $ DISPLAY=localhost:0 xmaxima

Do not set DISPLAY like this, try DISPLAY=:0.0 (or just start maxima
from the xterm that gets started by the init script).

>    assertion "font != NULL" failed: file
>    "/usr/src/ports/fontconfig/fontconfig-2.11.1-2.x86_64/src/fontconfig-2.11.1/src/fcmatch.c",
>    line 453, function: FcFontRenderPrepare
>    Aborted (core dumped)

This works for me, so I guess it must be the fonts.  The help browser
seems to look for "Courier" and "Liberation Sans".  I'm not sure what
package I should depend on for Courier (there are different ones and
while I'm partial to the Adobe bitmap fonts there's still the question
of whether to use the 75dpi or 100dpi variant).  Please try if that
error goes away if you install:

font-adobe-dpi100 (or -dpi75)

I would rather change the defaults to Mono and Sans Serif, though as
fontconfig should have defaults for these regardless of any extra fonts
installed (I hope).

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