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Documentation on fstab out of date

Hi. It seems to me that <> is out of sync with actual Cygwin behaviour in few aspects. What's the established process on updating these docs? List of issues I found follows.

> Recognized options are binary, text, nouser, user, exec, notexec, cygexec, nosuid, posix=[0|1]. The meaning of the options is as follows.

There are more options, as can be seen below the cited paragraph.

> Files ending in certain extensions (.exe, .com, .bat, .btm, .cmd) are assumed to be executable.

My reading of suggests it's only .exe, .com, and .lnk these days.

Interestingly, nt_path_has_executable_suffix (only used in the rename syscall, AFAICT) looks for a different set of suffixes (.com, .dll, .exe, .scr, .sys).

> Files whose first two characters begin with '#!' are also considered to be executable.

According to has_exec_chars, the sniffing routine also looks for "MZ" (EXE/PE files) and ":\n" (batch files? (can anyone confirm this?)).

David Macek

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