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Re: Running tasklist /m in cygwin hangs

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 1:52 PM, Saurabh T <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Running
>  "tasklist /m file.dll" hangs in Cygwin even though it works perfectly
> fine in the cmd window. Is there any reason for this? I am using a
> somewhat older cygwin (1.7.25) on a Windows 7 box, and do not want to
> upgrade unless newer cygwin doesnt show the problem. Thank you.
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It doesn't hang for me, but it is significantly slower.  I'm running
the latest development release.  Tasklist appears to be WMI heavy.  I
ran Process Monitor and it appears that when running tasklist /m under
bash, WMI is significantly more active.  WMI actually opens tzres.dll
(Time Zone Resources) about 150,000 times vice a mere 800 times when
executing through a standard command prompt.  Moreover, WMI really
doesn't appear to be doing much of anything with tzres.dll... just
open/close/open/close/open/close.  Very curious indeed.

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