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RE: less color option

Steven Penny sent the following at Friday, April 17, 2015 5:08 PM
>    man less
>Reveals this
>    -Dxcolor or --color=xcolor
>           [MS-DOS only] Sets the color of the text displayed.  x is a sin?
>           gle character which selects the type  of  text  whose  color  is
>           being  set: n=normal, s=standout, d=bold, u=underlined, k=blink.
>           color is a pair of numbers separated by  a  period.   The  first
>           number  selects  the foreground color and the second selects the
>           background color of the text.  A single number N is the same  as
>           N.M, where M is the normal background color.
>So I tried it and get this result
>    $ less --color
>    There is no color option ("less --help" for help)
>I just want a way to change the colors on man pages. If this is not the
>right way please advise.

Just a guess:

The man page says "[MS-DOS only]".  Cygwin is not MS-DOS so I wouldn't
expect this to work with less compiled for cygwin.

If you were using the MS-DOS version, you would still need to specify

Hope that helps,

- Barry
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