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Re: Running tasklist /m in cygwin hangs

On 4/17/2015 5:23 PM, Saurabh T wrote:
I can confirm it still hangs for me with 1.7.35. I am using the 32 bit (i686) Cygwin which is the only difference from Andrey's.

on  $ uname -vrsm
CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW 1.7.35(0.287/5/3) 2015-03-04 12:07 i686

It is only a bit slow (both mintty and console)

$ time tasklist /m normaliz.DLL

Image Name                     PID Modules
========================= ======== ============================================
ZenworksWindowsService.ex     1424 normaliz.dll
AppleMobileDeviceService.     1616 normaliz.dll
explorer.exe                  2520 normaliz.dll
PanGPS.exe                    3276 normaliz.dll
PanGPA.exe                    3420 normaliz.dll
iTunesHelper.exe              3544 normaliz.dll
Smc.exe                       5008 normaliz.dll

real    1m25.565s
user    0m0.015s
sys     0m0.046s

It seems some type of timeout in the interaction of this
windows utility and cygwin


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