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On Apr 16 12:53, Bryan Berns wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 10:17 AM, Jim Reisert AD1C
> <> wrote:
> > I am unable to start Cywin/X X-server 1.17.1 with this version.
> > Previous releases of 2.0.0.x were OK.  I had to revert to 1.7.35-1 for
> > the time being.
> >
> > Other than updating to, I also installed the April 2015 "Patch
> > Tuesday" updates from Microsoft.  I don't know if the two are related.
> >   Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit
> >
> > Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION at eip=77C50F8A
> > eax=00000000 ebx=612D67B0 ecx=00001000 edx=612D2648 esi=00000000 edi=0028C790
> > ebp=0028C608 esp=0028C604 program=C:\Cygwin\bin\XWin.exe, pid 1660, thread main
> > cs=0023 ds=002B es=002B fs=0053 gs=002B ss=002B
> > Stack trace:
> > Frame     Function  Args
> > 0028C608  77C50F8A (00000000, 612D2648, 00000000, 612D67B0)
> > 0028C738  610CDA1F (000043FF, 00000000, 00000000, 80012428)
> > 0028C7B8  61047198 (00000000, 72483F24, 75604227, 00000254)
> > 0028C7F8  610F629D (00000001, 00000000, 00000000, 75623912)
> >
> > --
> > Jim Reisert AD1C, <>,
> I've actually had problem building Cygwin (1.7.35 or 2.x source) on
> Cygwin 2.x using Windows.  The make errors out with a "permissions
> denied" when setting permissions (chmod +x) on config.status in
> <builddir>/etc.  I was able to produce it on three different, freshly
> built copies of Windows (no BLODA at all).  Only had Cygwin plus the
> build essentials (gcc, ming, xmlto, diffutils, textinfo, cocom)
> installed.  Only tried with 32-bit.
> The super wacky thing is that if I rearrange the unrelated contents of
> the make file that fuels the whole process, the problem goes away.  If
> I "downgrade" the core back to 1.7.35, the problem goes away.  It
> almost seems like there might an uninitialized memory issue in the
> code path executed in chmod().  I apologize for the lack of debugging
> on my part, but I just wanted to throw this out there in case a) it
> could be related to this issue or b) anyone else has seen this.

This is more in line with what Ismail reported in

And I finally managed to reproduce it.  It works on the command line and
only fails during `make' for me.  Investigating now...

> That said, I'm making progress in debugging my "Unknown Group" issue
> described in another chain; hope to report out on that this weekend
> when I have a little more time to play.

Cool, thanks.


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