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Re: Cannot change console mode during usage of expect

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:

> On Apr 15 01:17, Keith Proctor wrote:
> > Hello, my name is Keith Proctor.  I test FileMaker Server and I have
> > written a test suite on Macintosh. The tests work beautifully on  
> > Macintosh. Iâm trying to Use Cygwin on Windows to reduce the 
> > amount of rewriting that I must do on the Windows side.    The
> > test includes a dynamically created interactive call that uses 
> > expect to spawn fmsadmin and then interact with fmsadmin by 
> > providing a user name or a password.  An example is below:
> > 
> > expect -c "spawn fmsadmin open -y -u userName
> > expect -r .+:
> > send myPassword\r
> > interact"
> > 
> > The issue is that the following phrases appear and wonât allow
> > my interactive expect command to continue.
> > 
> > GetConsoleMode	// prints once
> > SetConsoleMode	// prints once
> > ReadConsoleInput	// spews while collecting input from the command line.
> I don't understand this.  What does Cygwin expect have to do
>  with these underlying OS calls?!?  They only work in a console 
> window and they are not to be suppsoed to be used by Cygwin
>  executables since all the underlying OS details are (more or less)
>  hidden behind the TTY code. Also, how are they supposed to work
>  in a PTY which is constituted by  Named Pipes, not a console?  
> And expect certainly uses PTYs to perform its pseudo-interactive stuff.
> Corinna
Corinna,  Let me make this a little clearer fmsadmin application is making
the 3 calls.  In this case fmsadmin is being called from expect and expect
is the cause of the issue.  If I don't use expect fmsadmin works without the
spam of the ReadConsoleInput strings.  IOW the calls to the Getter and
Setter methods work correctly.  The output looks something like this 
when I do it by hand.

>fmsadmin open -y -u userName
Opening file: someFile.fmp12
Opening file: someOtherFile.fmp12
Opened file: someFile.fmp12
Opened file: someOtherFile.fmp12

So this works as expected in the Cygwin Window when doing the 
command by hand.  It is somehow an interaction between Cygwin and
the expect command not allowing the Setter/Getter methods for Console
Mode to be accepted.  I have NO understanding WHY this would be the
case.  All I did was localize down the behavior and the failure to work

I am still hoping that the default settings are somehow wrong and 
I need to make some small change to Cygwin to allow 
GetConsoleMode and SetConsoleMode calls to correctly

On a very related note I see this same question being asked for years
and the Cygwin answer has been change your code to work with
Cygwin.  Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury.  fmsadmin is a
DOS application.  I may never be able to get a fix for this issue in
fmsadmin as our target is NOT Cygwin.  

BTW, I expect GetConsoleMode and SetConsoleMode is standard
usage by any console application.  These calls work on Macintosh,
Windows and Cygwin window without expect.

HTH and many thanks,

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