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Re: dig utility in bind-utils-9.9.7-1 returns no output

On 4/14/2015 8:39 PM, Keith Christian wrote:
Brian, Andre,

Thanks for the suggestions / info.

Examples below.  "No output" means that dig provided no reply or
diagnostic info to the Cygwin screen as can be seen below, even when
asking for the internal help text.

Dig was working fine until the last update, I've
uninstalled/reinstalled it, etc.  Most baffling issue I've seen with a
simple executable in awhile.

I'd expect some access problem to the DNS servers, except that the
native Windows nslookup utility works fine.

Tue Apr 14 12:26:27 pty2 >dig +trace

Tue Apr 14 12:26:31 pty2 >dig --help

this should give you

$ dig --help
Invalid option: --help
Usage:  dig [@global-server] [domain] [q-type] [q-class] {q-opt}
            {global-d-opt} host [@local-server] {local-d-opt}
            [ host [@local-server] {local-d-opt} [...]]

Use "dig -h" (or "dig -h | more") for complete list of options

I assume you are missing some of dll's

what is the output of

  cygcheck dig


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