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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [Test] maxima-5.36.0-1

On 13/04/2015 1:50 AM, Achim Gratz wrote:
This is a new upstream release.  I've patched up the build system quite
a bit, so I'd welcome feedback from testers.

A couple of issues with the 64-bit distribution

 * I don't see the English info files.  Error below
 * xmaxima fails to start.  Error below

Apart from that it looks OK.

I ran the smoke tests used for the windows maxima build (in INSTALL.win32).
 o Run the maxima testsuite: run_testsuite()
 o Try compiling a function.  This has been a problem in the past
    - f(x):=x+2;
    - compile(f);
    - f(2);
 o Test the graphics systems under maxima
    draw3d(xu_grid = 30, yv_grid = 60, surface_hide = true,
          parametric_surface(cos(phi) * sin(theta),
                       sin(phi) * sin(theta),
                       theta, 0, %pi, phi, 0, 2 * %pi))$
 o Check that plotting to Postscript works
 o Try out the on-line help: describe(sin)

Documentation error

   (%i6) describe(sin);

   Maxima encountered a Lisp error:

   OPEN: File #P"/usr/share/info/" does not exist

xmaxima error.  I may just be missing a dependency (some fonts?)

   $ DISPLAY=localhost:0 xmaxima
   assertion "font != NULL" failed: file
   line 453, function: FcFontRenderPrepare
   Aborted (core dumped)

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