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On Apr 12 15:31, Achim Gratz wrote:
> THere seems to be a bug that causes sshd to be unable to change the new
> PTY to mode "0600" (I'm using privilege separation).
> ~ (2001) ll /dev/pty0 ; getfacl /dev /dev/pty0
> crw--w---- 1 ASSI Kein 136, 0 12. Apr 15:26 /dev/pty0

Hmm, works on the command line...

  $ ll /dev/pty0
  crw--w---- 1 corinna vinschen 136, 0 Apr 12 16:28 /dev/pty0
  $ chmod 600 !$
  chmod 600 /dev/pty0
  $ ll /dev/pty0
  crw------- 1 corinna vinschen 136, 0 Apr 12 16:28 /dev/pty0

...but I can easily reproduce it from sshd.  I'll have a look this week.

> # file: /dev/pty0
> # owner: ASSI
> # group: Kein
> user::rw-
> group::rw-
> other:rw-
> Reverting to the 1.7.35-1 DLL gets sshd working correctly again.
> Looking at the above I've questions about the permissions: on Linux the
> PTY would be writable by the tty group, but having it writable by "None"
> is surely a mistake an getfacl doesn't seem to report anything sensible
> on PTY.

The acl(2) function is not implemented for ptys.  


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