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Re: static vs. shared linking

On 09/04/15 18:24, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr  9 09:15, David Stacey wrote:
  The solution is to compile with '-frepo', which works for both my test code
  and also poco-1.6.0 - although it has quite an impact on the compilation
  time (it trebles what was already a fairly lengthy compilation). Do you
  think this is the correct way to proceed, or should I look to explicitly
  export an instantiation of the std::basic_string<>s that Poco creates?
Sorry, I'm not an expert on this template stuff.

Seriously, you're missing all the fun ;-)

But if -frepo works
for you it sounds like the right thing to go forward.

Thanks for your reply. OK, I'll stick with '-frepo'. I suspect that users of the Poco library will also be forced to use '-frepo' (otherwise they'll find themselves with the same problem I had). That shouldn't be too much of a hardship. I'll be sure to include that on the announcement.


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