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Re: [TESTERS needed] New POSIX permission handling

On 11. 4. 2015 11:59, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> Out of curiosity, does the code somehow distinguish ACLs that don't
>> have these default permissions (or have different permissions set for
>> SYSTEM / Administrators)?
> I don't quite understand the question.
> For a start, I'd like to point out how POSIX ACLs are supposed to work.
> is a good start.  This is our role model.

I'm gonna read that.

>   The new code will compute the mask the same way as before, but it
>   skips the permissions of SYSTEM and Administrators while doing that.
>   That means, the POSIX group permission bits are not affected by
>   the Windows-typical permissions of SYSTEM and Administrators.
>   Example:
>     User            rw-
>     Primary group   r--
>     Other user      rw-
>     Other group     r--
>     SYSTEM          rwx
>     Everyone        ---
>   The computed POSIX MASK/CLASS_OBJ value in Cygwin 1.7.35 is the sum
>   of all group and secondary user permissions
>     rw- | r-- | rwx == rwx
>   The new code ignores SYSTEM, thus the mask is
>     rw- | r-- == rw-
> Does this explain it sufficiently?

Yes, thank you. My question was about the case where SYSTEM or Administrator doesn't have the typical permissions. From this explanation, I assume that I won't be able to see any difference in the mask in that case, but it doesn't seem to be a bad thing.

David Macek

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